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Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots

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There are plenty of great online bingo sites around, so don't feel obliged to play at just one place. By joining several sites you can enjoy several bonuses, so take a look at our shortlist of favourites and help yourself to the goodies they offer!

Many online bingo sites offer some really big prizes on some games and these are divided into three categories; progressive jackpots, coverall games and guaranteed bingo jackpots. So what are the differences in the three big games? The biggest difference is the number of bingo calls required to win the games or then the prize money on offer.

Progressive Jackpots
These are also known as Snowball jackpots and you will find them at many internet bingo sites. How the Progressive Jackpot games work is that a percentage of the money from ticket sales gets put into the Progressive Jackpot pot to make the prize money. Usually to win a progressive jackpot you have to bingo in a certain number of bingo calls; this is usually stipulated in an online bingo sites rules and can sometimes be a static number or a number that increases by one a week.

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Coverall Jackpots

The biggest coverall bingo game prize on offer around the internet bingo scene to date is the £5 million coverall played at Wink Bingo. How this differs from the Progressive Jackpot is that the amount never increases or decreases from week to week. There are also £1 million coverall games that play three times a week on many 888 Holdings (Globalcom) sites. Unlike the Progressive Jackpot though more money is not added to the prize amount and as you play the coverall game the more numbers that it takes to win bingo, the less the amount becomes.

Guaranteed Jackpots
The guaranteed jackpot games are by far the more popular amongst online bingo players just as they are amongst those who play casino games. The format is similar to the coverall games but with a guaranteed jackpot game the prize money never reduces. Whether it takes you 15 numbers or 75 numbers to win a guaranteed jackpot you will take home the prize money shown at the start of the game. The biggest guaranteed jackpot on offer online today is the monthly £25,000 guaranteed jackpot game at Foxy Bingo.

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