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There are plenty of great online bingo sites around, so don't feel obliged to play at just one place. By joining several sites you can enjoy several bonuses, so take a look at our shortlist of favourites and help yourself to the goodies they offer!

Online Bingo is one of the fastest growing forms of gaming in the world today - and it isn't hard to see why here at Play Sun Bingo. Not only is online bingo accessible to anyone with access to a PC, it's also very enjoyable, gives you a chance to make friends and - even better - plenty of chances to win cash prizes and life-changing jackpots!

Most online UK bingo sites don't require you to download any software, so all you have to do to get involved is find a site you like, sign up and start playing in your web browser. As well as 90 ball, 75 ball and 80 ball bingo games, many online bingo sites also allow you to play a range of instant win and casino games, so you'll never get bored!

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We here at Play Sun Bingo are continually impressed by the quality of the graphics, animation and audio effects that we are treated to when playing online bingo. As web standards evolve, so do our bingo games!

Of course, what really sets online bingo apart is the social element of the game. All bingo sites allow you to chat with other players and most run chat bingo games that give you the chance to win valuable prizes even if the main bingo game lets you down - bonus!

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If you need any incentive to play online bingo, just take a look at the bingo bonuses that the various sites have available. These usually include an initial deposit bonus which gives you a free cash sum and in many cases you'll get additional free cash whenever you top up your account! Other bingo bonuses include free tickets, prize draws and life-changing competitions.

Playing online bingo is a great hobby, but it is one that could also change your life in a big way. Most online bingo sites offer progressive jackpots in addition to regular prizes, and these increase from game to game until someone eventually wins the whole lot by getting a full house or a coverall within a certain number of calls. Progressive jackpots of £50,000, £100,000 and even £1,000,000 have been won by online bingo players, so no matter how ambitious you are, online bingo could help you make your dreams come true!
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We believe that if you're going to play online bingo, you should treat yourself and play the best bingo possible. The great thing about the online game is that the best bingo isn't any more elusive than mediocre bingo - you just have to know where to go! Take a look at this New Bingo Sites links to explore the best bingo sites currently available.

If you choose to play at a handful of online bingo sites on a regular basis, your loyalty won't go unnoticed. Almost all of the online bingo sites that Play Sun Bingo recommends have loyalty schemes that will reward you handsomely for your frequent visits.

Most loyalty schemes award you points for every bingo ticket you buy. Simply collect these points and then exchange them for free bingo cash or valuable prizes. How neat is that?

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If there's one thing we love here at Play Sun Bingo, it's a freebie, and that's why we adore the idea of playing free bingo. The good news is that a growing number of online bingo sites make free bingo possible. Some offer free bingo tickets as bonus gifts, whilst others have special free bingo sessions. Look out for these so you don't miss out!

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Bingo has a long history, and as time has passed, the game has not only thrived, it has actually evolved. Online bingo is obviously a giant leap forward, but even online there are new forms of the game being introduced. Two of the most popular are team and tournament bingo Team bingo involves playing the game in groups of three or four players, and the team with the most collective wins qualifies for an additional prize. Tournament bingo puts the individual player in a competition with others and the luckiest one wins the tournament!
Whether you want to play online bingo regularly as a hobby, for occasional fun, for the social interaction or for the competitive thrill that team bingo and tournament bingo offer, Play Sun Bingo wishes you the very best of luck.